How To Remove Bloatware Apps from your Samsung Galaxy S4 without rooting

Removing Bloatware Apps from your Samsung Galaxy S4 without rooting is impossible, but think again because XDA senior member developer schoolsux has made possible with Trulyclean script. TrulyClean is a “any rom” script that removes A LOT of crap-apps (98+ apps removed) and other stuff on the phone.

What are the disadvantages of Bloatware apps in your phone?

  • Lag delays while opening apps, especially the Phone and Contacts apps
  • Terrible theming of the user interface.
  • Over-stuffing of the device with bloatware that devour RAM and battery and make the phone poorly slow.

There is a waste of using extreme processors and lavish RAM if your phone cannot perform faster as its actual power. In the name of new features Samsung has been forcing the users to use useless that are practically useless.



Samsung’s latest flagship the Galaxy S4 comes with about three pages of system apps most of which are not likely to be used by S4 users. There are lots of useless apps that must be removed for increasing performance of Galaxy S4.

Truly Clean Script removes all unwanted apps:

XDA senior member developer schoolsux has made possible to remove Bloatwares from Galaxy S4 without routing device. Populated app drawer and slow performance, you should consider removing the apps and widgets that you normally do not need or use. Usually, you need to root an Android device to be able to delete the bloats using an app or a root file manager. An user with a rooted S4 might get rid of those system apps manually or by installing a custom ROM, but those who do not wish to root their brand new Galaxy S4 and would still like to flush the bloats, you should just use Truly Clean script for Galaxy S4.


Step 1: Data’s are precious, therefore you should fully backup your Android device before rooting it. Facing problem? Then, read our article on How to Backup and Restore Apps/ Games/ Cache Data using Titanium Backup – Detailed guide

Step 2: You will have enable USB Debugging on your device. To do so, go to “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The checkbox beside USB Debugging should be ticked.

Step 3: You should charge your device so that there is 60% or more amount of battery charge on your device. Read our article on How to Improve Battery life of your Android device 10 steps guide.

Step 4: You will have to disable security apps and programs like Antivirus and Firewall from your device for the time being i.e. Until the rooting procedure has completed.

Step 5: Download USB Drivers (ADB and Fastboot) for your Android device to make it compatible with Windows.


  1. For Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500:
  2. For Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505:
  3. Download Notepad++

How to use Truly Clean Script:

Step 1: Copy the downloaded Truly Clean Script zip file in your external SD card on your phone.

Step 2: Turn off your phone and boot in recovery mode.  Recovery mode in Galaxy S4 can be entered by pressing volume up +home +power button at the same time till Samsung Logo appears for 2 times. When you see the green Android robot, release the power button and keep the volume up and home button pressed till you enter in recovery mode.

Step 3:  In recovery mode, use the volume keys to navigate and the power button to select option.

Step 4:  Now select the Truly clean zip file on recovery mode. Confirm your installation and wait till it is finished. Then come back to the main menu and select “reboot system now”.

That’s it!

If your phone is on rooted stock Samsung firmware, and CWM recovery installed on it then do the same procedure as above.

How to Edit the List of Apps to be Removed:

Step 1: Download and install Notepad++ on your computer .

Step 2: Download the zip file (do not unzip) and double click it with the mouse.

Step 3: Doing this will show you the contents of the zip. Now right click on the “updater-script” file and select “Open with…”. Now select Notepad++ from the suggested programs for opening the file.

Step 4: The updater-script will open now in a new window and here you can edit the list of apps. You can add or remove an app by adding a new line in the script with the name of the app you want to delete, or by deleting the line that contains the name of the app you wish to keep.


Note: For example if you want to keep the Galaxy S4 AccuWeather app on your phone, just delete the line number 42 (see the screenshot above) that has the corresponding entry.

When you have edited the “updater-script”, do not forget to save the changes. Then close the Notepad++window and copy the zip to phone. The rest has already been described above.

That’s it enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S4 completely cleaned.

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