How to Backup and Restore Contacts and Data on Android Using Google

Google’s Android has totally overtaken the market. People now mostly rely on Android operating system than on any other mobile operating system. Mostly, people are moved by its features which are rarely found on any other operating system. It provides some of the best and unique features making our day-to-day life. One such feature of Google’s Android is its decent backup utility that holds on to your information. It updates the information seconds as soon as you have edited the changes in your data, which is biggest advantage of it.

How to Restore Contacts and Data on Android Using Google

The disadvantage being, if you accidentally delete a contact from your entire contact list in seconds the loss of data is “updated” on your Google account. This could be a huge problem and also, this is true for apps and other synchronized accounts. Moreover, when your phone is lost or your wipe your phone using a security program like Carbonite mobile or Lookout, the wiping of the data on your device goes to Google’s servers and it’s wiped from there as well.

Steps to restore lost Android data’s:

Due to system that Google uses in place for its devices, people are heading to third party apps to backup their information, one such app is Titanium Backup. It is a very famous and reliable tool for backing up apps and app information. The negativity includes, it takes (backup) lot of space and any new information added of edited is not immediately added which may be forgotten later.

Moreover, the backup is on the device itself so if you go for a full wipe; all the data stored will be deleted permanently.

Now, coming to the positive point, Google has marked this and with little effort you can restore your contacts just as they were before anything happened to them. Yes, all this is possible because Google keeps multiple records of your information in more states and if something happens, you can easily revert to a previous state. Although, full restoration of data is not guaranteed you can restore some using the method discussed here in.

Process of Restoration:

To restore Google contacts, you will have to login into your Gmail account, enter your Contacts and “More”, you will find an option which will allow you to restore your contacts to a previous state. By clicking on “Restore Conatcts” you will see a window asking you of the duration from when you want your contacts to be restored and you can go back upto 30 days. As soon as you’ve selected your restoration point, click on “Restore” and your contacts from the requested duration will be loaded on your Gmail account, from where you can easily Sync them onto your Android device.

But, for getting these restoring settings and other information you will have to activate the backup features from your Android device. To do so, go to “Settings > Backup and Restore” and check the box beside “Back up my data” and “Automatic Restore”. This will take care that if you delete any app or multiple apps, their information is deleted but a copy of the same is backed up into your Google account.

Further, when you re-install the deleted apps, the information stored on Google’s server will be downloaded and added to the apps, this will only happen if you’ve checked the “Automatic Restore”. As told earlier it is not guaranteed that you’ll restore 100% of your data but will restore some which is better than nothing.

To learn any such tutorial or to know get other knowledge of any such method, stay tuned with us!

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